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Tonkov Konstantin Vladimirovich, Applicant, Ulyanovsk State University (40/9 Goncharova street, Ulyanovsk, Russia); consultant, Limited Liability Company «Joint Law Firm» (11 Zheleznodorozhnaya street, Ulyanovsk, Russia),

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Background. The origin and formation of qualitatively different economic relations in Russia as compared with the Soviet period, the adoption of the new Civil Code in our country piqued the still ongoing interest of private law researchers to the issue of bidding. The relative youth of the institute, the complexity of trading relations arising during the auction and their ambiguity are interpreted in a concentrated form in the concept of bidding. Theoretical uncertainties in the matter could not help but influence the corresponding provisions of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, which seem to be internally inconsistent. The purpose of this paper is to examine the fundamental causes of the contradiction and its essence; several approximate courses of legislative changes that could help in solving the problem are suggested.
Materials and methods. While writing the paper alongside with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation the following sources have been used: the Saxon Civil Code of 1864, the Civil Code of Germany. The theoretical foundations of the study also include monographs, dissertations for candidate and doctorate degrees, research papers. The basic research methods are dogmatic, historical and comparative.
Results. The present study has showed that there is an intrinsic organic connection between bidding and the process of contracting. Bidding can either precede the conclusion of the contract (this approach is particularly implemented in the Civil Code of Germany) or mediate its conclusion (see, for example, the Saxon Civil Code of 1864). Under the Civil Code of the Russian Federation both approaches coexist, creating legislative and enforcement problems.  
Conclusions. In case bidding is prior to the conclusion of the contract under the legislative enactments, it is in fact a way to determine the counterparty in the contract. If bidding mediates the conclusion of the contract in accordance with regulatory requirements, it should be viewed as a way to conclude the contract. The interpretation of bidding depends on the respective legislation, which, nevertheless, must be consistent. Mixing objectively existing differences in approaches is unacceptable and even dangerous. For this reason, the provisions of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation regulating bidding are to be reformed.

Key words

to contract, bidding, method, counterparty, offer, acceptance

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